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What is this course about?

Big Data and Hadoop Certification Training from Simplilearn isdesigned to ensure that you are job ready to take up an assignment in Big Data.This training not just equips you with essential skills of Hadoop 2.7, but alsogives you the required work experience in Big Data Hadoop via implementation ofreal life industry projects spanned across 3 months.

Course gives you a unique offering of executing all the hand-on project work ofHadoop 2.7 with CloudLab – a cloud based Hadoop environment lab.

What are the course objectives?

By the end of Simplilearn’s training in Big Data & Hadoop,you will be able to:

· Master the concepts of Hadoop 2.7 frameworkand its deployment in a cluster environment

· Learn to write complex MapReduce programs

· Perform Data Analytics using  Pig &Hive

· Acquire in-depth understanding of HadoopEcosystem including Flume, Apache Oozie workflow scheduler, etc.

· Master advance concepts of Hadoop 2.7 : Hbase,Zookeeper, and Sqoop

· Get hands-on experience in setting updifferent configurations of Hadoop cluster

· Work on real-life industry based projectsusing Hadoop 2.7

What is CloudLab feature offered bySimplilearn?

CloudLab is a cloud based Hadoop environment lab to ensurehassle free execution of all the hand-on project work with Hadoop 2.7.

With CloudLab, you will not require to install Hadoop using a virtual machine.Instead, you will be able to access already set up Hadoop environment lab usingCloudLab. And hence you will not have to face following challenges related withHadoop installation using virtual machine

· Installation & system compatibility issues

· Difficulties in configuring systems

· Issues with Rights & permissions

· Network slowdown & failure

You will be able to access CloudLab from Simplilearn LMS(Learning Management System). A video on introduction and how to use CloudLabis provided in Simplilearn LMS. You can also access this video from here- Video link. You will have access to CloudLab,throughout the timespan you have the Online Self Learning (OSL) access for theBig Data Hadoop Developer course.

What is an On Demand support as offered bySimplilearn?

With the On-Demand support, you will receive support fromexperts in resolving following queries while you are completing the Big DataHadoop Developer course.

· Technical support: Queries related to technical,installation, administration issues in Big Data Hadoop Developer course. Incase of critical issues, support will be rendered through a remote desktop.

· Project support: Queries related to solving& completing Projects, case-studies which are part of Big Data Hadoopdeveloper course offered by Simplilearn     

· Hadoop Programming: Queries related to Hadoopprogramming while solving & completing Projects, case-studies which arepart of Big Data Hadoop developer course offered bySimplilearn     

· CloudLab Support: Queries related to CloudLabwhile you are using CloudLab to execute projects, case studies and exercises ofBig Data Hadoop Developer course offered by Simplilearn

How to avail On-demand support?
To avail On-demand Support, submit a query to Simplilearn through any offollowing channels of Simplilearn’s Help & Support team.
On-demand Support will get in touch with you to assist with query resolutionwithin 48 hours.

Who should do this course?

With the number of Big Data career opportunities on the rise,Hadoop is fast becoming a must-know technology for the following professionals:

· Software Developers and Architects 

· Analytics Professionals

· Data Management Professionals

· Business Intelligence Professionals

· Project Managers

· Aspiring Data Scientists

· Anyone with a genuine interest in Big DataAnalytics

· Graduates looking to build a career in BigData Analytics  

Prerequisite: Knowledge of Java is needed for this course. Hence, we areproviding complimentary access to “Java Essentials for Hadoop” alongwith this course.

How would this Certification help me buildinga career in Big Data Hadoop?

BDH Developer certification provides a solid foundation forstarting a career in Big Data Hadoop Data Architect career path.
After completion of this foundation course we would recommend you to enhanceyour Hadoop expertize by acquiring skills with following Big Data HadoopCertifications from Simplilearn.

· NoSQL Database Technologies

·        MongoDB Developer andAdministrator Certification Training

·        Apache CassandraCertification Training

· Real time processing and real time analyticswith Big Data

·        Apache Spark and ScalaCertification Training

·        Apache StormCertification Training

·        Apache KafkaCertification Training

· Real time interactive analysis of the Big datavia a native SQL environment

·        Impala - An OpenSource SQL Engine for Hadoop Training

These certifications would certainly make you proficient withskillsets required for building a career path from Big Data Hadoop developer toBig Data Hadoop Architect.

What projects will you be working on?

You will be working on 4 live industry-based projects coveringaround 3.5 Billion Data Points.

Domain: Insurance
A US-based insurance provider has decided to launch a new medical insuranceprogram targeting various customers. To help this customer understand thecurrent realities and the market better, you have to perform a series of dataanalytics tasks using Hadoop. The customer has provided pointers to the dataset you can use.

Domain: Retail
A US-based online retailer wants to launch a new product category and wants tounderstand the potential growth areas and areas that have stagnated over aperiod of time.  It wants to use this information to ensure its productfocus is aligned to opportunities that will grow over the next 5–7 years. Thecustomer has also provided pointers to the data set you can use.

Domain: SocialMedia
As part of a recruiting exercise of the biggest social media company, theyasked candidates to analyze data set from Stack Exchange. We will be usingsimilar data set to arrive at certain key insights.

Domain: Education
Your company has recently bagged a large assignment from a US-based customerthat is into training and development. The larger outcome deals with launchinga suite of educational and skill development programs to consumers across theglobe. As part of the project, the customer wants your company to analyze aseries of data sets to arrive at a prudent product mix, product positioning,and marketing strategy that will be applicable for at least a decade.


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