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What is this course about?

This course is designed to ensure that you master the conceptsof Salesforce Administrator, Platform App Builder, and clear the ADM 201 &DEV 401 certification exams in the first attempt. Our training will help youunderstand how to administer & configure Salesforce, and develop newapplications using Force.com.

What are the Course Objectives?

By the end of Salesforce training you will be able to:

· Become a key stake holder in increasingSalesforce  ROI for your company

· Configure, manage Sales and Service Cloud

· Gain insight into each of the functionalgroups of users (Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, andManagement)

· Identify the basic components of SMARTadministration for Salesforce.com.

· Develop new applications using declarative interface

· Implement Automation, Debugging, DataValidation, and customize apps

· Get an overview of Apex, Visualforce, andForce.com Sites

· Configure the user interface, Implementsecurity.

Who should do this course?

Salesforce training is apt for organizations that seek to bepresent where customers acknowledge them, help their sales representatives withbetter account planning, enable better understanding of sales trends andprovides customizable sales insights. Organizations using salesforce or thosewho plan on deploying salesforce must get their employees trained andcertified.

This certification is most suited for:

·        Individuals lookingforward to build a career in Salesforce

·        App Builders

·        Developers

·        System Administrators

·        Sales Representatives

What projects will you be working on?

Simplilearn’s Salesforce Administrator and Platform App Buildertraining cover projects of high weightage that provide domain knowledge andreal-life industry experience to participants. Projects covered here are applicableacross various industry sectors.

Project 1Service Cloud Project – Case Management
Project Scenario:
A UK based IT firm has not been able to resolve a lot of customer complaints ontime and by right person or group. They have finally decided to use Salesforcefor setting up service cloud to serve their customer better. Service cloud isdescribed as a set of activities that are designed to meet the expectations ofthe customer, thereby improving the level of customer satisfaction. This is anend-to-end Customer support process.

Goal of this project:
This project enable the participants to get a chance to work as a Salesforceprofessional and handle the responsibility for completing all the processeswithin the defined timeframe.

The project consists of developing a Case management system to improve customerrelationship in IT firms with latest industry data. This tool is capable ofautomating and grouping customer inquiry to provide quick and most accurateresolution. This project includes the following activities on SalesforcePlatform:

· Planning

· Customizing Fields

· Customizing Case Page Layouts

· Creating Email Templates

· Defining Assignment Rules

· Defining Workflows

· Track Field History

· Capturing cases from web

· Defining Auto response rules

Project 2: HR Management system
Project Scenario
A US-based Recruiting Team has decided to track the Jobs/positions posted byrecruiters and candidates who have applied for those positions. This isend-to-end HR Management system that involves many automations to avoid manualload for hiring process.

Goal of this project:
The goal of this project is to create a three-step approval process thatrequires approval from multiple management levels. When the record is approved/ rejected, based on the routing automations, Approval actions will take place.This project includes the following activities on Salesforce Platform:

· Planning

· Creating objects

· Customizing Fields and relationships

· Creating email template

· Defining Approval process

· Defining Workflow actions

Project 3: Sales Cloud Project - Lead Management
Project Scenario:
A US based company wants to incorporate a lead management system in order toensure that the most qualified leads are instantly distributed to sales. Leadmanagement system brings about an increase in sales, while ensuring a decreasein costs. Leads can be collected from various sources; from the Web-to-Lead,marketing activities like Campaigns, databases collected from external vendorsand the like.

Goal of this project:
All lead management processes are automated from the initial stages to the endin a lead management system. These include:

· Capturing inquiries

· Qualifying leads

· Ranking (or scoring) leads

· Distributing leads to the appropriate salesperson (dealer or distributor).

· Nurturing leads

· Tracking leads

This project includes the following activities on SalesforcePlatform:

· Analyze the sales process

· Create required fields types, relationships inthe object.

· Create custom object if required for the salesprocess.

· Create tabs, field dependencies, and recordtypes for the object.

· Customize standard Salesforce.com automations


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