Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions are designed with the need of clients who need to complete the recruitment process but do not have all the internal HR systems in place, or are in quick ramp up situations, where the existing internal HR team needs support from external Talent Management partners to complete the hiring process without losing any time or money.

Manacle Networks RPO solutions help clients achieve improvement in four areas of quality, cost, service, and speed. We work closely with organizations to meet their recruitment needs by managing their end to end recruitment process with special accent on excellence and speed of:

Mapping the Business Requirement
Advertisement management
Event planning & support
Applicant response management
Resume scanning
Interview Management
Offer Management
Information Management & Applicant Tracking systems
Process Analytics
We provide customized sourcing and recruiting strategies specific to information Technology sector.

What can our Recruiter do for you?

Our Recruiter will work full time recruiter for your company (doing all the work that you would expect a recruiter to do)
Search: For resume to fill the existing vacancies
Source: Source Passive candidates suitable for the vacant positions
Filter: Scan every resume carefully and pick the best suitable one that matches the existing requirement
Interview: Call the short listed candidates to find out their availability and discuss the vacancy position with them
Tech Check: Our recruiters have formal training in variety of technical skills and they can handle preliminary technical interview
Back Ground check: Execute Back Ground checks and talk to the references
Co-Ordinate: They will co-ordinate with the account managers


No pay roll expense
No need to pay for extra benefits
No need of office space to accommodate the recruiter
No phone bill (your monthly fees includes that0
Easy access to major resume databases
No commitments or long term contracts
Risk free money back guarantee for first month
Excellent opportunity to hire an assistant recruiter if you are deluged with work
Our Recruiter do all the back end work ensures that you can concentrate more on your business-making  new clients, getting more job orders and so on
Resumes received will be scrutinized; (personal contact and information verification by the recruiter)
Recruiters will source for all open positions
We employ the recruiters with full benefits and compensation saving you the cost of another employee. Our    recruiter becomes active member of your team!
Allows your recruiting staff to focus on interviewing, qualifying and hiring the best talent, rather than time- consuming resume searching
Provide hiring officials with technically matching candidates
Save money by eliminating the need to evaluate and pay for costly resume databases
Save even more money by reducing the need to hire, train, develop and maintain a highly skilled Internet Recruiting Staff
Provide hiring officials with an alternative to posting or traditional advertising
Low cost allows flexibility to spend dollars for additional, concurrent recruiting efforts

Additional benefits

Below are the few responsibilities your off-site recruiter will fulfill for you:
Coordinate the Job description and clarification on details needed
Job Posting on major job sites
Research to locate logical talent pool
Check existing database for leads
Source to narrow research results
Qualify candidates by initial telephone interviews against the necessary job essentials
Send resume and Pre-Qualification Form to your representative via email
Weekly status reports on number of candidates submitted and feedback/status.
We have a big pool of experienced and highly trained recruiters. Depending upon the amount of work you have,
you can choose to hire 1 or more recruiters.